We want our athletic partners to win on and off the field. The bottom line: If you want it done right and want the highest quality, you need the best products – those formulated to attack your specific athletic laundry needs. At UNX-Christeyns, we pride ourselves on creating best-in-class products to ensure your laundry needs aren’t just met, but they let you breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day. Our PowerUp line will help you relax, and get your uniforms looking as good as the day you purchased them. Please visit our athletic website today or contact us for a free consultation.

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Athletics Program

In the ever-changing athletic uniform business, there’s no such thing as home-court advantage when it comes to removing field paint, field dye, clay stains, grass stains, blood, puck marks, pen or marker, from players’ uniforms. Time, temperature, water quality, washing machine type, programmability, and other elements all play a factor in providing quality results. At UNX-Christeyns, we pride ourselves on creating the most innovative products to attack those specific athletic laundry needs that frustrate equipment managers, coaches, and parents. We want our athletic partners to win on and off the field, which is why our program takes into consideration every component that could possibly affect the quality and performance of athletic gear and uniforms. No matter the sport, we are here to serve you. Visit our athletic website to learn more or contact us for a consultation.




See The Difference

We can tell you that our products and programs will get your team winning results, but you don't have to take our word for it. Below you will see how UNX-Christeyns performs through images shared BY OUR CUSTOMERS from their equipment rooms; showing that our products and their hard work provide their teams 'A Better Clean.'

What People Are Saying

Phil Sheridan

Manager, Clubhouse Services Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia, PA

What really made me choose UNX-Christeyns was the fact they offered an EPA registered product effective against MRSA. MRSA is a huge concern and knowing the players are protected against it speaks volumes. They have made our lives easier--their products work which means less scrubbing. The service is impeccable! I love the products, and the service I receive makes it even better!

What People Are Saying

Dane Smith

Equipment Operations Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

UNX-Christeyns is the only chemical company I trust with our athletic laundry. They provide outstanding service and customize programs in place to suit individual needs. UNX is clearly set apart from the competition by its service, adaptability, and troubleshooting abilities. I am excited to see the new products that are athletic specific.

What People Are Saying

James Stewart

Equipment Manager N.C. State Football

Raleigh, NC

What I like best about UNX-Christeyns is the helpfulness of the representatives. Thanks to the diligence of the rep, we discovered our hot water heater had been turned up significantly, and almost caused us to destroy the football uniforms. Their willingness to give me another set of eyes in order to help me solve a problem is very much appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend them to other facilities.

What People Are Saying

Mark Zimmer

Manager Equipment Operations and Product Fulfillment, Sun Devil Athletics

Tempe, AZ

UNX-Christeyns is different from the competition because of their willingness to go above and beyond every single time! When we received new football uniforms, our representative came out for our first game to make sure things were done right the first time. He stayed for hours making sure they were processed correctly. Hands down, I would recommend this team to other schools —it’s good stuff!

What People Are Saying

Roxann Moody

Assistant Athletic Director, Equipment Services Wake Forest University Athletic

Wake Forest, NC

UNX-Christeyns products work! Our representative spent tons of time on phone walking me through a process of how to get the color back into a pair of baseball pants. It is not someone just walking in trying to sell you something, they go above and beyond every time! They explain how and why, the processes they show us works. Customer service sets this team apart, they hire good, knowledgeable people, and I value what they bring to the table.